Miracle Studios Launches a ” Real Estate Web Design”

Let us talk about the recent website created by Miracle Studios for a US based realtor.

Earlier their website was inflicted with “Lazy-Boredom”


But thanks to Miracle Studios, their redesign has made online presence more attractive , spell binding and remarkably all the creative elements have been packed together to be “Search Engine Friendly” also.


Target Audience : The website has been made to capture the essence of ” Home Buyers Lifestyle” in the market catered by the Realtor.


“Matera Ridge” is the name for a sprouting township in Reno, which this realtor is planning to sell through this website, located miles away from the maddening hustle ¬†amp; bustle of the city life. It is an ideal adobe for some-one seeking peace in the laps of nature goddess.


While an interaction with our “Sales Team”, Mr Hug, the Planning Officer for Matera Ridge, drew upon Miracle Studio’s well known creativity and “out of the box thinking” to develop a website that can capture the scenic beauty of the nestled place and strongly brand it in the competitive realms of the real estate market.


Further added Mr Hug ” I am looking for a simple website , since most of our clients do not belong to the bracket of “tech savvy’s”, so website should have easy to use navigation. Further adding, i don’t want a puzzle there, instead of confusing , i want a website that should solve the problems of it’s visitors. “


And the final result is the web design that underlines the natural beauty of the Matera Ridge Town Ship, with flickers of clouds hovering around( in flash) and there’s greenery all around–“Just soothing isn’t it” — Giving a real sense of relief for the “website visitors”.


Even if they are not lucky enough to be there at “The Matera Ridge” — at least they can comfortably savor the naturals by simply clicking on to the website of “Matera Ridge”, which has been presented so gracefully by the gifted designers of Miracle Studios.


The website is presenting the “Bird’s Eye View” of “Matera Ridge Real Estate Project” at —


Courtesy : Miracle Studios : Your very own web design company — Because we care


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