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Selling Your Home? Get Your Game On


In today’s real estate market, your home needs to be well maintained to get the money you want. So go ahead and do that project you’ve been putting off. Dust off your “honey do” list and if you don’t have one, now is the time to create one. If you are not sure where to begin, bring in a professional who can create a list of necessary repairs and improvements to prepare your home for the market.

Few buyers in this market want to purchase a home and then do work. Spending money now on repairs and upgrades is your ” insurance policy” to selling your home in this market.


Contractors are being hired to work their way down a punch list of repairs, overdue maintenance, and preventative measures. It’s the “honey do” list that needs attention when getting homes ready to be shown. These projects are usually in the $1,000-$2,500 range. It’s the list that never gets accomplished. Maybe it is the broken basement window that you never replaced, the lock that doesn’t work, the closet door that is off the hinges, the cabinet door that is missing screws, or the hole in the wall behind the door.


In today’s real estate market the seller is trying to get the most while the buyer is trying to buy for less. So before you have a potential buyer perform a little C.P.R. on your home. Otherwise, buyers that see needed repairs will ask that the repairs be done or take money off the asking price.


If the sump pump needs to be replaced, replace it. Make sure things in your home are up to date. The front door may need to be repainted, or the grungy-looking hallway wallpaper needs to be removed. It will make selling the home easier. If you do this work ahead of time it doesn’t show up in the engineering report. It makes your home show better, sell faster, and in the long run it saves money.


Something as simple as a missing section of molding from the last time a window was replaced can make a potential buyer “raise their eyebrows.” It influences the whole way potential buyers look at your house.


Use a handyman to avoid the cost of four different professionals to do the plumbing, trim work, spackling and painting projects. The goal is to address potential problems prior to listing your home.


In 2006 you didn’t have to do anything to prepare a house for sale and the house sold. The market has changed and you have to stand out from the crowd. So if there is old wallpaper, remove it. It’s not very popular right now. Carpets should be ripped out, hardwood floors polished, and broken windows replaced. Replace a dated-looking shingle roof with architectural-style roofing. You’ll get more money if your home shows you love it and it has been lovingly cared for.


The front door is the first thing the potential buyer sees, and they immediately begin judging as they approach the house. Make sure there are no cracks in the stoop or driveway.


Update anything that looks original or old – even changing hardware could help a lot.