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Sell Property Fast With Simple Home Renovations

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Buying property is notoriously stressful. The investment is huge, and it is always possible to make a bad mistake. But selling a house can be nerve-racking, too. To sell property fast and for the maximum amount demands care and attention. But some expensive home renovations only lose money and do nothing to help fast house selling.

Television home makeover programmes have persuaded many that they really cannot do too much to maximise the selling price of their home. But the real gainers from all this work are home improvement retailers such as B&Q and Homebase.

Simple House Selling Tips

Many simply cannot face undertaking expensive and time-consuming home renovations before selling a house. It’s a lot of trouble, and they just want to sell the property fast and move on. Nothing wrong with that.

But there are still a few basic house selling tips that apply across the board. For fast house selling, the home should at least be clean and tidy. Crucially, the removal of clutter makes rooms look bigger and enables viewers to imagine what they might do with them. Strongly personal items like family photographs should not be on view: potential buyers don’t need such distractions.

The house should be well aired, and strategically placed vases of flowers and bowls of fruit are easy on the nose as well as the eye. The smells of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread are universally enjoyed, those of freshly cooked curry and freshly grilled fish are not.

Pets should be kept out of the way altogether – preferably housed with friends or relatives. Not everyone likes dogs, their odour or their shed hairs.

Simple Home Renovations Help Sell Property Fast

For those who are prepared to go a little further, carefully targeted home renovations can pay dividends. It is, for example, well worth touching up shabby paintwork, having carpets professionally cleaned, and fixing such obvious imperfections as dripping taps.

And those anxious to sell property fast and profitably do not have to guess at what works best, because last year, Halifax, Britain’s largest supplier of residential mortgages, published their own findings.

The general perception is that the best way to maximise profits when selling a house is to add rooms. But Halifax found that, while this does indeed increase value, it is not the best home improvement the seller can make. It is not even in their top five house selling tips.

Percentage return on investment, they found, was higher for (in ascending order) loft conversion, garden improvement, redecoration and home security measures.

By contrast, laminate flooring and new carpets were among those things which were found not even to recoup costs. In other words, simple redecoration works, because it makes a house look better. But for anything more elaborate, do not anticipate the tastes of others.

The Best Home Improvement When Selling a House

But for the seller who wants to do just one thing to ensure fast house selling at a good price, Halifax were unequivocal. Investment in fuel efficiency and energy saving measures will generally yield a return of some 250 per cent, making it the best home improvement a seller can make.

So for those who want to sell property fast and profitably, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are amongst the things to consider. In these green times, expert advice is readily available.

The lessons from Halifax are simple. To sell property fast and profitably, there are five things to consider above all others:

  1. Fuel efficiency and energy saving
  2. Home security
  3. Redecoration
  4. Garden improvements
  5. Loft conversion

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