Lawn Maintenance and Care for Real Estate Staging: Make Great First Impressions


First impressions do count when it comes to home buyers, especially in a buyer’s market. A buyer pulling up to the home for the first time will either be impressed or skeptical. Make his or her first impression count by cleaning and sprucing up your yard. Lawn maintenance takes time, but a well-kept yard can help make a good impression on potential home buyers. Making a good first impression on the home buyer with an attractive exterior will help spark interest in your house.

Some of these real estate marketing tips may seem obvious to some, but you would be surprised at how many home sellers neglect these aspects of lawn maintenance and overall care of their yard.


Lawn Maintenance for Real Estate Staging


  1. Get Rid of Old Vehicles


If you your yard has become a resting place for Uncle Bob’s old car, that old tractor, or any other vehicles or equipment, remove them. Either find a better place to store them, or have them removed from your yard.


Call a place which buys broken down cars or farm equipment. They will come to your house and remove the large items. Some will pay you $75-$100 because they can recycle the old cars or equipment for parts. Check your local phone book for listings of car parts dealers or auto recyclers.


At the very least, store all large items together, in the back of the yard, not on the side of the house or in the front of the house. A prospective home buyer does not want to have to consider the idea that they may be stuck cleaning up these items from the yard. Removing them is one way to do real estate staging in your yard, which can help increase your house’s chance of selling.


  1. Broken Fences


Another way to apply the concept of real estate staging to your yard is to make any minor repairs to broken fences that surround your yard. Fences with broken doors, missing wooden slots, or that do not close can detract from the attractiveness of your home.


  1. Seasonal Yard Clean Up


Staying on top of seasonal yard clean up during all seasons of the year is another way to use real estate staging to help sell your house. This means removing snow and ice from walkways and driveways. If you do not have the driveway cleared of snow, the potential home buyers may not know where they could park their cars if they bought the house.


This also means raking and cleaning up tree debris during the fall, in areas with deciduous trees.


If you do not have the time or the equipment to do a solid yard clean up, hire a local landscaping company to do the clean up for you. The money you spend on a landscape company will be worth it when you sell your house.


  1. Tame the Garbage


Keep the garbage cans and recycling bins in back of the house, or on out of sight somewhere. This is especially important on the weekends when you have an open house, or when potential home buyers will be viewing the home.


Building a small fence or having a separate area for recycling bins and garbage cans is one way to do real estate staging in your yard, which can help maximize your house’s attractiveness to potential buyers, and increase the chance of a real estate sale.


  1. Clear the Front of the House


Remove scraggly trees, overgrown bushes and unattractive plants which grow close to the house. An empty space is better than an unattractive plant which screams “I need a lot of maintenance.”


When you clear the yard spaces near the house, you leave the potential home buyer with the concept of opportunity, based on the open spaces.

Taking Advantage of the Current Florida Real Estate Market

There is the opportunity of a lifetime in the Florida real estate market at the present time. With an unbelievably low interest rate, far below prime, there are many different types of loans available. It gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance to obtain a home at a payment that is less then rent and have his or her very own home.

Currently, there are a large number of Florida mortgage loans available to purchase homes in this area. There are FHA, FA, banks and other lenders who have programs available to fit any prospective home buyer. It is possible to obtain a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage.

While the adjustable FL mortgage offers better rates at the current time, one should remember that when interest rates go up so does the interest on the mortgage. This means the payments can increase with no recourse to the borrower. With a fixed rate mortgage, the payment and interest will remain the same to the end of the loan.

As with any loan, the borrower must be qualified to show they are responsible and can make the payments. A credit check will be conducted so one should have a good record of paying their bills. In addition, if there ever was a bankruptcy involved there are certain restrictions depending on the circumstances and how long ago it was.

A good employment record and show of income is another requirement. In most cases, the amount of the house payment should not be more than 30% of one’s income. This is to make sure one does not have financial problems with other obligations that would affect the loan payment.

Information regarding loans, rates and other information can be obtained from a Florida mortgage broker, lender, bank or Federal agencies. Any one at these facilities can give full details regarding the current interest rate, closing costs or fees, type of loans and so forth. One can also look on the Internet and obtain some information.

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