Better World Books Are Making a Difference

The wave of the future means so many different things to different people. For the CEO of Better World Books the future was in looking through the pages of the past as well. The entrepreneurs behind this genius book venture are three University of Notre Dame graduates. In May 2002, the inspirational three launched a book drive to initially lend a hand to the Robinson Community Learning Center in South Bend, Indiana.

The effort won them top praise for their social awareness entrepreneurship endeavors when they were awarded the McCloskey Social Venture Business Plan competition. The founders of Better World Book along with their non- profit Literacy partners World Fund, Books for Africa, Room to Read, NCFL and Invisible Children are taking the task of spreading the book reading wealth across the globe very seriously.

A social venture with a different concept behind the success of what is essentially the recycling of books for mass resale and literally expansion is the fundamentals of Better World Books. Describing their work concept as a “triple bottom line” that takes into consideration the social, economic and environmental factor, Better World Book just might have surpassed even their wildest dreams of making a real difference to others in need.

The online book selling service has the ability to save not just lives from illiteracy but hundreds of thousands of books from landfills where they would have ultimately ended up without such a massive literary undertaking. From such humble being beginnings assisted by students, bookstore and library donations their task of collecting and sometimes discarding unwanted book donations is endless.

The online book service ships books purchased through the easy to use website all over the world for an affordable fee. The book selection this amazing non-profit book service provides for its extensive customers is vast. The odds are if they do not have the book that you are after than it just might not be anywhere else to be found. Outreach work through books sale allows them to collaborate with world organizations like Books for Africa. Some 18 million books shipped to 37 countries to date can be accredited to the success of this imperative social non-profit.

As the largest shippers of donated books to the African continent since 1988, Books for Africa together with Better World Books make advancement of the literary message achievable. Literacy advancement is of the utmost important to the Better World Books team. Funding rose for Global literacy so far totals $6,402, 121.96. While the number of books saved from destruction in landfills stands in at 24,527,366.