Any real estate agent has the challenging task of being two very different things to two types of people: buyers and sellers. Find out more about our process and get to know Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser today.

About Astoria Oregon Real Estate For Buyers

astoria oregon real estateWhat you want is an experienced agent that is actively selling other properties and understands the market, where it’s going and what is happening right now. Many investors and first time buyers are especially interested in purchasing distressed properties, which is very much different that a traditional sale. The contract riders and bank addendum often contain different terms, timelines are non-negotiable for the most part and contingencies generally favor the seller in all cases. Your agent will need to be experienced helping buyers purchase these properties to protect you and your money. We at Astoria Oregon Real Estate have been assisting buyers to purchase homes since 2006 and distressed properties since 2007.

Not interested in a foreclosure? That’s ok too. Your agent will need to have one finger on the pulse of the market, sifting through 100′s of homes for sale to find you that one great deal. We specialize in helping buyers maximum purchasing power and assist in finding the best financing program for your situation.

About Astoria Oregon Real Estate for Sellers

astoria oregon real estate aboutSelling a home is fairly straight forward right? You put up a sign, buyers flock by the dozen to your home and by the end of the weekend you have 17 offers and have sold your home for 134% above the list price.

As crazy as that sounds it did happen just ten short years ago. Now it seems that every home is for sale, and the ones not listed for sale are bank owned and soon will be. It’s not exactly that bad. Here’s the truth: You can get your home sold even in this market.

Between 85-93% of home buyers (according to industry surveys) are searching the internet for their next home right now. If you hire an agent with internet marketing savvy you’ll be a step ahead of the competition. We began marketing properties online shortly after starting our real estate careers, and moved to 100% digital marketing for our property listings in 2008. This is an important distinction to keep in mind when you are preparing to sell your home. An aggressive online marketing strategy is key to selling a home in this market. After all, there’s no other single medium that can expose your home to more potential buyers.